10 Reasons Why Exercise is Vitally Important to Keep Our Minds and Bodies at Their Best

No matter how old you are or what your physical capabilities are, we all need some form of exercise. Simply walking for 30 minutes every day or doing a few exercises at home can make a difference. Exercise has proven to be more valuable in keeping ourselves healthy than any medication. Here’s why:

1. Your heart needs it

Exercise reduces the bad stuff and increases the good stuff. It lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure and improves heart muscle function and blood flow.

2. It helps with losing weight

We all know we need to introduce exercise into our daily lives to assist with weight-loss. Anything from a 30-minute walk to high-intensity exercise is good, as long as you do it regularly. If you want to really kick things up a gear, you can look at a good waist trainer too.

3. It lowers high blood pressure

Aerobic exercises have been found to lower blood pressure due to the increased heart rate and the better use of oxygen in the body.

4. It helps to destress

Exercise is great for combatting stress and depression because of the hormones released in the body as well as the distraction from everyday problems.

5. It helps to prevent colds

Exercise assists the immune system and therefore people who do more exercise are less likely to get colds. If people who exercise regularly get a cold, the symptoms tend to go away faster than in others who do not exercise.

6. It helps with reducing diabetic complications

Exercise can help diabetics be healthier because it lowers cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and can also help to reduce insulin requirements.

7. It keeps your brain healthy

Exercise increases blood flow to the brain and stimulates the growth of cells involved with memory.

8. It helps to improve sleeping patterns

The best time to exercise is in the morning. Exercise helps to release tension and helps the body to relax. Exercise later in the day can lead to sleeplessness.

9. It is good for mind and soul

Exercise helps improve our mood and anxiety levels because of the hormones released when we are active. It also makes us work towards a goal and helps improve our self-esteem when we reach those goals.

10. It helps your body functions to perform better

Exercise helps our bodies to improve oxygen and nutrient supply to our cells. This means that our bodies are healthier and functioning better.

Bottom line: Get off your butt and start moving!