Terms you Need to Know Before Starting Your CrossFit Journey

When you get to a CrossFit gym you will be surrounded by all kinds of terms or lingo that might sound completely foreign to you. CrossFit is quite fast-paced and knowing the lingo will help you adjust faster. Before you start your new journey to fitness, learn the following terms:

Box: This is what the CrossFit gym is called. The gyms are usually warehouse type buildings.

WOD: This stands for ‘Workout of the Day’ and refers to the workout that will be done on a specific day. The website, coach or gym determine the WOD and it is usually about 20 minutes long. The WOD consists of variations of exercises that keep changing. There is a new combination every day.

For Time: This means that you need to complete the workout as fast as you can.

AMRAP: This stands for ‘As Many Reps/Rounds As Possible and refers to completing as many reps or rounds in a timed workout as possible.

Score: This refers to your total number of reps or rounds completed.

CrossFit Games: Yes, we compete as well. The CrossFit Games is an event where the best of the best in the sport battle it out to be crowned the World’s Fittest Man or Woman.

As you can see, there is much more to CrossFit than running around on a treadmill. The workouts will keep you on your toes, interested and motivated. You feel your strength and stamina improve as you get better and fitter.